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An Appetizer for Summer Sipping!!

These are days of sitting on the deck, dock or patio with our friends and family! Nothing is more communal than shared food and wine - both of which can be lighter, more approachable and yet full of flavor.  Many of our guests enjoy the crisp tart grapefruit and lime flavors in a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.  What would I serve to my friends if a bottle were open at my house? Try this wonderful mix of sweet, spice, salt and acidity on a twist of the traditional pizza bites!

Using Nan, the Indian styled flat bread, lets build a "pizza" out of mangoes, proscuitto, fresh tomatoes and spices.  The result can be baked lightly or placed on the outdoor grill for a moment.  In a food processor or blender, place 1 apple; 1/2 cup red onion; 1/4 cup fresh cilantro; two or more cloves of garlic; salt to taste; 2 tsp cumin; lemon juice squirts; 2 tbsp honey, and a large cup or so of mango pieces.  Jalapeno can be added if you are more adventurous. Blend to create your "sauce"!  Spread a layer of sauce on the Nan - build with fresh chopped tomatoes, previous saute of proscuitto, cubed pieces of mango, more cilantro - I often use goat cheese sprinkles and/or chopped red peppers!

Now about that Wine! New Zealand produces some of the best examples of fruit forward, zippy, unoaked S.Blanc - and while all have a fresh citrus (mostly grapefruit) we also look for great wines to include Guava and other tropical fruits in the nose! This means great acidity (food loves this!) which matches the tomatoes and cut through the fat/salt in the proscuitto, leaving great fruit on fruit between appetizer and glass! Try Whitehaven ($17), The Infamous Goose ($13) or go wild with Matua Paretai single vineyard ($22) - and relax into the weekend! Matt