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Tuesday "Short" Courses to Begin

In response to many requests for "less time committed" courses, TWH now offers the beta version of our Single Night, intense one topic classes!  Styled after our 200/300 level classes, these are seminars led by Tim & Matt yet are based upon the open discussion and questions of the members themselves.  Each presentation begins with an overview of the topic at hand and then proceeds down a road only the night can know!  This round will run five Tuesdays from 5/17 to 6/14 - however there is no continuity week to week, or the need to sign up for all - you only need to reserve seats for the topics which interest you and fit your schedule!  6:30 to 9pm and free of charge: limited seating so sign up soon!

5/17 Spain - with nearly 80 areas of production now, the country is exploding with good wines & great bargains.  From the Catalan northeast to the Gaelic regions, we will travel down four rivers, across the Meseta Central, and even visit the rocky cliffs of Malaga - discussing food, culture & fun!

5/24 Grapes/Blind Techniques - a wonderful expose on "grouping" categories of grapes, their characteristics & styles, by weight and color!  This course rounds out with a step by step of solid blind tasting techniques, challenging many of us out of our preconceived notions!  Lighthearted and simply explained, a true eye opener!

5/31 Food! Cooking & Pairings - Malbec in the White bean Cassoulet?  Cabernet in the Chocolate ice cream? And what does one serve with a PB & J?  From Fusion to Fine, we explore cuisine of all lines! Traditional boundaries may blur - in fact we might even mention a good scotch!  Also to discuss - does over thinking detract from the enjoyment? Which restaurant is doing the best job?

6/7 Collector's Corner - what really is the difference between Cellaring & Ageing?  What pitfalls wait for us as we stow bottles over the years?  What and Why do I need to "build' a collection?  Are there areas of our world that have excelled/fallen over the years in storage?  Who's coming for dinner; What should I give out at Christmas?  And no doubt we can look into the most famous collections worldwide! A serious look at what is happening inside the bottle.

6/14 Italy - If your view of Italian wine is thru the lens of Tuscany, or centers near the sea of Pinot Grigio available - come take a tour with us!  Former Austrian vineyards & Swiss Alps cascade down into so many other regions.  Economic and cultural differences between the North & South will be addressed, as will the Last decade vs. a millennia of experience!  The olive oil/butter line always brings us to food - hey this is Italy - Mangia!