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Another Great Tasting is on the Way!

Oh Boy is it hot this last week! Whites from all over have flown into the chiller as we all enjoy summer.  New Zealand is no stranger to great Sauvignon Blanc - so wines from down under have sold well!  It seemed like a great time to ask one of the more known wineries in NZ to bring on a tasting event!  On August 24th (Wed) @ 6:30pm, Chris Alton will bring in a line from Craggy Range!

Although we usually let Wednesday nights go free form - this tasting is by reservation only due to seating availability - yet it is still FREE!  Try the Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling & 90-92 pt "Kidnapper's" Chardonnay!  There's going to be a great 91 pt Pinot Noir from their Te Muna Road vineyard - and wait for it.... Chris is willing to share the Le Sol Syrah 95 pts & the Sophia Bordeaux Blend 94 pts!!  Sure we normally open wines of easier stature and price (these will be about $20 to $55) but why not perk up the late summer days?


There's an excellent way to do a little research and get thirsty!  Then Chris can tell us all about it!  Ciao M