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Scotch Rides Again! & Again!

Yes it is true the rumors - Ed Kohl, the Scotch guru, is coming to our house for another great presentation!  The lineup is always down to the last minute - as Ed can bring his ownership skills to the table - but never has it been short! Remeber, he actually choses the barrels himself prior to bottling! This event is on Wednesday, 10/5, at 6:30pm and FREE as always - so seats go immediately - stop in or call/write soon.

Additionally, many of you remember that I have been working on another small batch bottler to bring his presentation to us - and he has said yes - though the date will be finalized.  We will be doing this fun within the Oct/Nov first range - So it's TWO SCOTCH tastings with speakers to remember!!  Stay tuned here, in house or on Facebook for the exact Bat time.  Gordon & McPhail brings alot to the table in our market, so Tim & I are pleased to hand over the reins!!  Ciao