The Antiquity of #Three Tiered Distribution

I couldn't have phrased this any better, and as deep in the research as done here.  Check out a real time perspective (2010!) on the problem of relating 1930's law to today's society.  Three cheers to #Tom Wark -

If only the electorate understood the world we left and perhaps, the world today! Matt

Wine for the Game

So it's a late game for the 'Cuse tonight - and dinner will be well over by then - but I have to entertain!  In the door today is the Tuck #Beckstoffer production of "The Sum", a 90 points Parker 2007 release, blended from Cabernet, Syrah, P. Sirah, and Malbec.  Solid build but with softer integrated tannins, it should work well for hanging around - face it, I'll still be poppin' pretzels and popcorn.  Sweet blue and black fruits, spice box, and acidity to clean off the supple/juicy body - it's a winner!  With a guest list of 10 I expect to go through a few bottles, so a Napa Valley/Beckstoffer wine like this is perfect for only $20!  Pleasant surprise on the wine; com'on Syracuse, don't let me down!

Facebook, Twitter, Wine of the Day Specials!

It's almost time - one hour to go - Wine of the Day will be on Facebook and Twitter at 9 AM! Don't miss them, today's will be a Cab at the best price we've ever offered! Don't forget you have to be signed in to Facebook to see our Facebook page. Follow us or friend us, and you'll see the Wine of the Day every day for the next month. Tell us in the store that you saw the deal on Facebook or Twitter, we're working on our strategies to grow our business, and bring you more of the best wines in Central New York! Tell a friend, bring a friend! And don't forget to sign up for our e-mail newsletter at the top left, we announce our tastings, specials, and new wines about twice a week.

Wine of the Day

Starting tomorrow, 3/18, The Wine House will feature a deal of the day on Facebook and on Twitter! About 9 AM we'll post, and at the close of business that day, that deal is done! Unless we run out sooner than the end of the day, because when it's gone, it might be gone forever. Be sure to stop by the store, or call us, pay for it, and pick it up later that day. We'll feature favorites and new wines you'll love, but you have to check for the Wine of the Day every day! Tomorrow will be a Cab! Don't miss it!

Friday Night Pinot Blanc

Rainshadow Wines Seminar

On March 31st at 6:30pm, we have an opportunity to hear a guest speaker talk the wines produced in the "Rainshadow" of great mountains.  Washington State, Argentina and others will on tap for discussion and drinking.  Remember, climate and terroir are so influencial upon the resultant wine...come listen and ask questions on these specific types of wines!  As always, education and tasting will be free so come early to grab a great seat!

First Wine Tasting Video

Welcome to our new website!

The Wine House CrewHi everyone! Welcome to The Wine House's new website. We've updated our site, changed how we present information to you, and set up two new features to help us interact with you.

First, our new website allows you to leave comments on our blog entries, on our front page stories, and on some of our web pages (check out New York and feel free to leave us comments on the region around us). It also allows you to share our information with other people you think might be interested, at the right of each post or story with Twitter, and under each item's main page with many social networks, including Facebook, and many others. You can also use bookmark or e-mail any of our items from this toolbar.

Second, we've changed our e-mail newsletter and you can subscribe to that above this column and to the left. We're using a great service that lets you subscribe and unsubscribe yourself. (We'll be offering our special prices and events through our newsletter, so we hope you'll stay subscribed.) You can also forward our newsletter to your friends, and they'll be able to subscribe through a link in the newsletter. Our general interest newsletter will still come out weekly and share our Wednesday tasting agenda, as well as new items of interest. Thanks for your support, and we look forward to seeing you in the store!

Valentine's Day and Wine

It's the time of year when our thoughts turn to romance - over the table and in the bottle. Inevitably the question arises, what would pair best with chocolate? I hesitate, as many of our chocolate delights are more to milk chocolate than solid bittersweet or darker chocolates. If we can balance the sweet with good acidity or bitterness (perhaps even serving espresso!)then the chocolate pairings become much more varied. In wine too, we must drop the acidity levels just as we are raising the chocolate levels; eventually a true meeting in the middle serves us best!

Cliff Lede 2008 Sauvignon Blanc

One of our recent picks, the Cliff Lede Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley, 2008, just received a 92 point rating from Wine Spectator. "Vibrant, bursting with fresh mandarin orange juice and tropical whiffs of mango and passion fruit, but also plenty of grass and hay notes. There’s a very refreshing acidity, and the flavors sing on the finish. Drink now through 2014.—M.W." We have it in the store!

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