Valentine's Day and Wine

It's the time of year when our thoughts turn to romance - over the table and in the bottle. Inevitably the question arises, what would pair best with chocolate? I hesitate, as many of our chocolate delights are more to milk chocolate than solid bittersweet or darker chocolates. If we can balance the sweet with good acidity or bitterness (perhaps even serving espresso!)then the chocolate pairings become much more varied. In wine too, we must drop the acidity levels just as we are raising the chocolate levels; eventually a true meeting in the middle serves us best!

Cliff Lede 2008 Sauvignon Blanc

One of our recent picks, the Cliff Lede Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley, 2008, just received a 92 point rating from Wine Spectator. "Vibrant, bursting with fresh mandarin orange juice and tropical whiffs of mango and passion fruit, but also plenty of grass and hay notes. There’s a very refreshing acidity, and the flavors sing on the finish. Drink now through 2014.—M.W." We have it in the store!

Local Wine Shops

The San Francisco Chronicle again talks about the importance of local wine shops. Best quotes of the article? "I'd argue we're again entering a golden age of wine shops." and "I often insist the best way to learn about wine is to get guidance from your local wine merchants. So next time you feel like a $20 adventure, just ask them what they'd love to drink."

Food and Wine Pairing Adventures

The San Francisco Chronicle touches on adventuresome wine pairings - ramen noodles with whites? Or Sherry? Meyer lemons with  Puligny-Montrachet. Great read, go check it out and tell us what you find that's unusual, adventurous and delicious!

More Super Bowl Wine

The Wall Street Journal has long had a great wine column. They tackle Super Bowl wines in their Saturday edition. Bottom line? "The fried, cheesy and greasy aspects of Super Bowl snacks (the very reasons we love them so much) call for wines with sufficient acidity to cut the fat." Surprise finding? Pigs in a blanket can be complemented by wine. Pinot Gris or Pinot Noir or Riesling to be specific. Go read their other recommendations!

Saturday Superbowl Wine Tasting!!!

Our superbowl wines will work with all of your finger foods and spicy dishes while you enjoy game day!!!

Featured Wines
*The Infamous Goose (NZ) Savignon Blanc 2009
*Colome (AR) Torrontes 2008
*Dr. Loosen (GE)QBA Riesling 2008
*Urban Cabernet (Ch) 2008
*Scott Harvery Zinfandel (CA) 2006

-Tasting will go from 1-6pm Saturday Feb 6th, 2010-

Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media

We've created a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. You'll find unique content on each site, and we invite you to follow us, to interact with us, and to tell us both what you want and how you think we're doing. We may announce a new wine special on Twitter, or share a new wine review on Facebook. We'll provide links to content from the wine industry, tell you who we follow and why, and let you know what's new at The Wine House.

Additionally we'll be focusing on how we appear on other social media sites, such as, and asking you to share your thoughts about us on other sites. We're hoping to share what we're about with the world (or at least upstate New York), and we really hope you'll share your reviews with others if you use social media. Thanks in advance!

Wine shopping experience

The San Francisco Chronicle says "retailers have never been more knowledgeable or less snooty (makes a big difference); as in-store tastings and a culture of service become more important, wine shopping is becoming an experience to enjoy, not to rush through." But we already knew that. Drop by and enjoy shopping with us!

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