A Big THANK YOU to everyone who came out and supported our 5th Anniversary Wine Tasting this past Saturday! Thanks so much for your continued business and support. We look forward to our next 5 years here at The Wine House!

Don't forget to join us for one of our weekly wine tastings - every Wednesday evening at 6:30 (themed round table discussion/tasting) and Saturday afternoons (informal chat and sip!)

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

The Wine House 5th Anniversary Wine Tasting!

The Wine House 5th Anniversary Wine Tasting!

Saturday, October 15th, 2-6 pm

It has been 5 years since we opened the doors for the first time at The Wine House!  As a THANK YOU to you...our valued guests, customers, and friends, we invite you to share in our celebration on Saturday, October 15th, anytime between 2-6 pm.

Free Wine Tasting representing four of our distributors with over 30 wines available to sample!  Join our representatives from Empire Distributors, Martin Scott Wines, Southern Wine & Spirits, and Verity Wine Partners as we sample wines, gain some knowledge and have a great time! Music and snacks will certainly add to the festivities and fun!

Mark your calendars...and bring a friend!

Scotch Rides Again! & Again!

Yes it is true the rumors - Ed Kohl, the Scotch guru, is coming to our house for another great presentation!  The lineup is always down to the last minute - as Ed can bring his ownership skills to the table - but never has it been short! Remeber, he actually choses the barrels himself prior to bottling! This event is on Wednesday, 10/5, at 6:30pm and FREE as always - so seats go immediately - stop in or call/write soon.

Additionally, many of you remember that I have been working on another small batch bottler to bring his presentation to us - and he has said yes - though the date will be finalized.  We will be doing this fun within the Oct/Nov first range - So it's TWO SCOTCH tastings with speakers to remember!!  Stay tuned here, in house or on Facebook for the exact Bat time.  Gordon & McPhail brings alot to the table in our market, so Tim & I are pleased to hand over the reins!!  Ciao

Another Great Tasting is on the Way!

Oh Boy is it hot this last week! Whites from all over have flown into the chiller as we all enjoy summer.  New Zealand is no stranger to great Sauvignon Blanc - so wines from down under have sold well!  It seemed like a great time to ask one of the more known wineries in NZ to bring on a tasting event!  On August 24th (Wed) @ 6:30pm, Chris Alton will bring in a line from Craggy Range!

Although we usually let Wednesday nights go free form - this tasting is by reservation only due to seating availability - yet it is still FREE!  Try the Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling & 90-92 pt "Kidnapper's" Chardonnay!  There's going to be a great 91 pt Pinot Noir from their Te Muna Road vineyard - and wait for it.... Chris is willing to share the Le Sol Syrah 95 pts & the Sophia Bordeaux Blend 94 pts!!  Sure we normally open wines of easier stature and price (these will be about $20 to $55) but why not perk up the late summer days?

There's an excellent way to do a little research and get thirsty!  Then Chris can tell us all about it!  Ciao M

Two Special Tastings to Remember!

Sure we list our tastings by dates - but many want to know more such as the actual wines!!  While Wednesdays & Saturdays continue, two guest speakers this month should be called to light.

On June 8th, Wednesday @ 6:30pm, a vendor sponsored event featuring Roland Marandino, Wine Ambassador, from Banfi/Cecchi/Sartori properties in Italy.  Roland and I enjoyed our conversation when we met - and it was inevitable that we finally schedule a drink!  Thanks to Gina for the referal - look forward to seeing her here too!  We'll open wines such as the "Ferdi" white (partially dried gargenega, like a white amarone, $15.99); Morellino di Scansano Riserva from Val delle Rose in Maremma ($22.99); Sartori's "Regolo" IGT from the Veneto (Ripasso, $21.99); and definitely Tenuta Alzatura Sagrantino di Montefalco from Umbria ($44.99). I'm sure Roland will present more that night - and the information from an Ambassador will be tre bicchieri!!

AND!! On June 24th, Sunday @ 4pm - another wonderful visit from Maurizio Clemente, our Itallian connection extraordinaire.  Not that we don't admire his ability to bring us A Lisa or NQN Malbecs... it's just this time the wines are over the top!  This is limited in seating/scope so signup is REQUIRED in advance.  Riedl crystal, bottled waters, light cheese & crackers will be available as always on the Sunday tastings.  This is not a New Jersey Italian man - Maurizio hails from the properties he speaks to!  Break the ice with Broglia in Gavi's Sparkling creation (lush peach flavors); Go upscale with Vie di Romans Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay (both 91-93pts); Fossacolle Brunello 2006 (93pts); Produttori di Barbaresco, Barbaresco 2006 (91 pts); Argiano "Solengo" IGT blend 2006 (93 pts); Terra Dora Taurasi 2005 (92 pts); and Le Salette "pergola Vece" Amarone (92 pts)!!!

Our apologies - seating for Maurizio has closed out. Please stay tuned for future events!!

Tuesday "Short" Courses to Begin

In response to many requests for "less time committed" courses, TWH now offers the beta version of our Single Night, intense one topic classes!  Styled after our 200/300 level classes, these are seminars led by Tim & Matt yet are based upon the open discussion and questions of the members themselves.  Each presentation begins with an overview of the topic at hand and then proceeds down a road only the night can know!  This round will run five Tuesdays from 5/17 to 6/14 - however there is no continuity week to week, or the need to sign up for all - you only need to reserve seats for the topics which interest you and fit your schedule!  6:30 to 9pm and free of charge: limited seating so sign up soon!

5/17 Spain - with nearly 80 areas of production now, the country is exploding with good wines & great bargains.  From the Catalan northeast to the Gaelic regions, we will travel down four rivers, across the Meseta Central, and even visit the rocky cliffs of Malaga - discussing food, culture & fun!

5/24 Grapes/Blind Techniques - a wonderful expose on "grouping" categories of grapes, their characteristics & styles, by weight and color!  This course rounds out with a step by step of solid blind tasting techniques, challenging many of us out of our preconceived notions!  Lighthearted and simply explained, a true eye opener!

5/31 Food! Cooking & Pairings - Malbec in the White bean Cassoulet?  Cabernet in the Chocolate ice cream? And what does one serve with a PB & J?  From Fusion to Fine, we explore cuisine of all lines! Traditional boundaries may blur - in fact we might even mention a good scotch!  Also to discuss - does over thinking detract from the enjoyment? Which restaurant is doing the best job?

6/7 Collector's Corner - what really is the difference between Cellaring & Ageing?  What pitfalls wait for us as we stow bottles over the years?  What and Why do I need to "build' a collection?  Are there areas of our world that have excelled/fallen over the years in storage?  Who's coming for dinner; What should I give out at Christmas?  And no doubt we can look into the most famous collections worldwide! A serious look at what is happening inside the bottle.

6/14 Italy - If your view of Italian wine is thru the lens of Tuscany, or centers near the sea of Pinot Grigio available - come take a tour with us!  Former Austrian vineyards & Swiss Alps cascade down into so many other regions.  Economic and cultural differences between the North & South will be addressed, as will the Last decade vs. a millennia of experience!  The olive oil/butter line always brings us to food - hey this is Italy - Mangia!

Scotch Rocks - Again!

It's about to happen again! On Wednesday May 11th, we are excited to have Ed kohl back in the house to taste on some great scotch examples.  Informative, easy going and free - this event as those before is by preregistration only - so drop us a line, pick up the phone or stop thru!!  I have had the opportunity to select the lineup along with Ed: for those who remember the "peaty" Islay tasting we have pulled back on the number of those.  Full lineup available upon sign up - yet I can say that the Strathisla 10yr, Glendullan 12 yr, Ardmore 1992 and an outstanding Teaninich 1982 (!!) lead the pack.  This is the first of two scotch presentations this summer by different speakers.  Ciao!

2011 Chardonnay Buffet Underway!!

Looking over the recent deliveries, the shelves & the orders: Wow the Chardonnay top is looking good this week!!  The sun made a brief appearance, spring shall be soon - that means all the distributor tastings and new introductions @ TWH.  We don't follow scores during the tasting and buying process, this saves me research time; I have looked into these and am proud of how well they drank - notes listed below were taken from WS and WA. 

Quite obviously some of these are in limited quantities yet many are not - simply straight forward great California Chardonnays!!  (For the more adventurous, following the "I believe in Matt" mantra, we have a 92 point Argentine chardonnay coming in - approx. $22-24 on the shelf.)  Well sit there and salivate or go ahead and put some salmon on the Barbee - and let us know what your favorites are. The usual suspects are still here everyday but seriously.... doesn't this just seem too cool right now?

#Paul Hobbs “Crossbarn” (91 pts, $30); #Talley Arroyo (91, $30) & possible #Rincon (94pts, $45); #Rudd Bacigalupi (94-96pts, $70); #Kesner Old Vines (90+, $51); #Lewis 2009 soon (92pts, $51); #Ridge Santa Cruz Mt. Estate 2007 (93pts, about $50); #Vine Cliff (91pts, $42); #Barnett Sangiacomo (90pts, $35); #Dumol (92pts, $63); and the ever present ZD, Talbott Logan, #Cakebread, CH. #Montalena, Stag's Leap Karia,& Mt Eden Arroyo faithful!  (Kistler is request only) Whew – just a start to the season!

For the "Red wine is the only wine" fans: We still have a couple bottles each of the 2007 California presell!! #Shafer 1.5 07 Cab; #Chappellet "Pritchard Hill" 07 Cab; #Larkmead 07 Cab; Ch. #Montalena 07 Cab; #Paul Hobbs Napa 07 Cab!!  These, of course, are on a first come first serve basis.

In fact, the 2008 Plumpjack just came in today!!   Ciao Matt

TWH continues Charitable Involvement - Join us!!

Remember that Thursday the 17th (St. Pat's!) we are joining the Chamber Of C and area stores to donate 10% of our proceeds to the Syracuse Symphony. Years of outststanding, nationally ranked performances are on the line in a tight economy! Please join us - Thanks Matt

We are also proud to be yet again involved in the Annual fundraiser for The Central New York Autism Society - to be held April 2nd at The Crown Plaza downtown!  This marks the fourth year TWH has teamed in - info to follow/available as you stop by.  Great functions for a great cause!!

On March 31st TWH is also teamed with Circa restaurant in Cazenovia to support From the Ground Up (FTGU) - an event that assists Horses in need - I've heard the menu from Ali, she's the bomb!! Another great way to get everyone involved.  See you there!  M

Huephoria Success Continues!!

We continue to be amazed at the stellar growth of our local ladies' business!! Huephoria was created right here in our backyard and TWH has loved supporting them through these last few years.  With over fifty designs from which to chose, these enticing wine glasses with character painted balls are all the rage!! Both Jen and Lisa stop by frequently to drop off more patterns...and restock and their wine! Dishwasher safe, hand crafted and eye catching the glasses are now available nationwide and on the web @!

New balls include Love, Mardi, Lucky and America while the old favorites such as Atlantic, Birthday, Bliss and Queen Bee sell well here at The Wine House.  Just in time for Halloweeen, "Hildy" comes back after her debut last year.  Lets hope we can keep these in stock until the 31st!  And for our Wine House friends...they have let us cut you a deal on any 4... mix n' match...20% off!! Cheers to great ideas and a spirit of entrepreneurship: We wish you continued success!!

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