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Welcome to our new website!

The Wine House CrewHi everyone! Welcome to The Wine House's new website. We've updated our site, changed how we present information to you, and set up two new features to help us interact with you.

First, our new website allows you to leave comments on our blog entries, on our front page stories, and on some of our web pages (check out New York and feel free to leave us comments on the region around us). It also allows you to share our information with other people you think might be interested, at the right of each post or story with Twitter, and under each item's main page with many social networks, including Facebook, and many others. You can also use bookmark or e-mail any of our items from this toolbar.

Second, we've changed our e-mail newsletter and you can subscribe to that above this column and to the left. We're using a great service that lets you subscribe and unsubscribe yourself. (We'll be offering our special prices and events through our newsletter, so we hope you'll stay subscribed.) You can also forward our newsletter to your friends, and they'll be able to subscribe through a link in the newsletter. Our general interest newsletter will still come out weekly and share our Wednesday tasting agenda, as well as new items of interest. Thanks for your support, and we look forward to seeing you in the store!